Smooth Oreo Dory

Scientific name: Pseudocyttus macukatus


Mid-grey body with darker fins and scales that can be dislodged under pressure. Smooth oreo have a less angular body, not so pronounced eye, and smaller fin spikes than the related Black Oreo.

Smooth Oreo belong to the Oreosomatidae family(oreos). They are not members of the Zeidae family(true dories)despite their market same.Smooth Oreo are a deepwater species found only in the Southern Hemisphere.They live at depths between 600 and 1200 metres.

Spawing takes place from the October to December.Smooth Oreo are slow growing and may live up to 80 years.They are thought to be more abundant than Black Oreo.

Smooth Oreo are caught year-round by deep-sea trawling along the Chatham Rise and in the South-eastern area of the EEZ.

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